America's food crops cover nearly a billion acres. In the race to produce as much as we could... something went wrong.

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A billion acres of food have been wiped off the map overnight.

A mysterious illness, somehow connected to America's agriculture collapse, tears through the country - and the world - like a hot knife through butter, killing millions as it spreads.

Pockets of survivors are forced to trek west, seeking shelter and food as they fight against the disease that lives in the air and soil around them.

As death and destruction spread and the country collapses in upon itself, those left behind will be forced to work together to survive, lest they be consumed by the spores.


SPORE is an exciting post-apoc series written by renowned and #1 best-selling authors Kenny Soward and Mike Kraus. This post-apocalyptic survival thriller shines a harsh light on the dangers of genetic crop manipulation, and what can go wrong without proper testing. With an emphasis on characters, preparation, survival skills, and interpersonal relationships, even if you don't typically like the post-apoc genre, you'll quickly find yourself consumed by this series.