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Retired school teacher, Lizzy May, is hunkered down in her Boston home during the greatest storm to ever hit US shores. She takes in a group of weary, lost survivors off the street and offers them a safe haven. But when intruders threaten her home, Lizzy takes it personally. She must fight severe weather conditions and vindictive gang members to defend her home and give her friends time to escape.

In a world where the sun barely pierces through the haze, Annie and her daughter Jen strive to maintain their fragile existence on a secluded farm. Scarred by the loss of loved ones and haunted by memories of a time when the land was bountiful, they fight to keep their hope alive against all odds.

Their tenuous peace is shattered when a sinister caravan of religious zealots arrives, their eyes filled with greed and malice, threatening to strip away all that Annie and Jen have worked to build. Confronting this new menace in the dead of night, armed only with their wits and a few weapons, they must defend their home and each other from the relentless invaders.

Sacrifices must be made, and survival demands a heavy toll. Sometimes, the price for mercy is too high.

In the heart of Kentucky, "EF4 SUPERCELL" unfolds a gripping tale of resilience and survival. Inspired by the catastrophic fury of the 2021 quad-state tornado that devastated Mayfield, Kentucky, this novella delves deep into the lives of those who faced the tempest's wrath. Amid the ruins, a group of survivors emerges, bound together by the unyielding will to forge ahead against all odds.