An unprecedented disaster. A world on the brink. One man will stop at nothing until his family is safe.

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Fault lines begin splitting apart without warning.

Entire nations are wiped out in the blink of an eye.

As the US Government pursues the man with the only theory behind what’s happening, he will do anything to reach his family… or die trying.


On the last day of his contract working for the Department of Defense, geologist Ben Willard is called in to investigate a string of anomalies fracturing the West Coast - and beyond.

As the chaos spreads, tens of millions are left dead or homeless. Pitted against time and the unstoppable forces of nature, Ben must risk everything to save his family. Meanwhile, the Willards fight to hold their world together as tides of destruction threaten to rip them apart.


Fracture is an epic post-apocalyptic survival thriller with a killer cast of characters and a story that’ll pull you in and won’t let go. Written by Kenny Soward and best-selling post-apoc author Mike Kraus, Fractured features unique twists and turns on the standard post-apocalyptic survival tale.