Edge of Extinction

The six-book series starts here with SCORCHED...

Trapped far from home as the world falls apart, one father will save his family - no matter what it takes.

A terrifyingly realistic post-apocalyptic adventure from #1 bestseller Mike Kraus and Kenny Soward!

In the frozen wasteland north of Alaska, a series of mega-rigs operated by joint USA/Russian teams go up in flames, killing thousands of workers and destroying a trillion dollars' worth of equipment.

After barely surviving the initial firestorm, mechanic Zach Christensen is trapped in the arctic, five thousand miles from his wife and children back home in Connecticut, struggling just to find enough fresh air to breathe, let alone the strength to find his way back home.

While governments try to hide the scope of the disaster, the fissures caused by the rigs continue to spread billions of tons of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, spreading fires and toxins that are consuming not just the arctic, but the entire planet....